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F&Bar cocktail pairings

beet, horseradish, salmon & gin $24 (serves 2)

the drink : beet juice, craft gin, agave, citrus

the snack : 2oz salmon tartare, horseradish, creme fraiche, dill & potato chips


peas, carrot, fennel pollen, gin & pisco $24 (serves 2)

the drink : carrot juice, gin, pisco, agave, citrus

the snack : 3oz english pea hummus, herbs, radish & toast


watermelon, feta, mint & mezcal $24 (serves 2)

the drink : watermelon juice, ancho reyes, mezcal, agave, citrus

the snack : 3oz marinated feta, tomato, herbs, pepitas


unagi, rice, nori, wasabi & shochu $13

the drink : japanese shochu, sake, wasabi, yuzu, agave

the snack : unagi rice ball, scallions, nori paper, torogashi


daikon, miso salmon, shisho & whiskey $13

the drink : daikon juice, shochu, whiskey, agave, citrus

the snack : 1oz miso seared salmon, crushed wasabi peas, radish sprouts, wrapped in a shisho leaf


F&Bar “old fashioned’s” $28 for 2 or $50 for 4

  • 2 cocktails (choice of whiskey, bourbon or rye)
  • 2 old fashioned orange slices (angostura bitters & demerara sugar)
  • 2oz old fashioned roasted peanuts (angostura bitters, demerara sugar, orange zest)
  • 2 each 1oz striplion steak skewers (cooked med rare)


F&Bar creative snacks

  • 4oz trail mix, nuts, dried fruit & seeds $5
  • 4oz salt cod, radish, cornishons & toasted baguette $9
  • 4oz smoked trout, radish, cornishons & toasted baguette $10
  • 4oz pork belly rillet, whole grain mustard, radish, cornishons & toasted baguette $10
  • 4oz english pea hummus, vegatable crudite $8
  • 6oz cured salmon “crack” bread, cucumber-dill salad, whole grain mustard $20
  • 4oz smoked salmon, crème fraiche, capers, red onion & toasted baguette $12
  • 4oz marinated feta cheese, tomato, herbs & pepitas $9
  • 3oz beef jerky bites $6
  • 4oz salmon-horseradish tartare, scallions, dill, creme fraiche, potato chips $12



  • apple-whiskey “hot pocket” $5
  • cherry-bourbon “hot pocket” $5


large format beers (750mL) $20

la fin du monde, rince cochon, chimay white, triple kameliet, duchess de bourgongne or delirium tremons

F&Bar is a food and beverage establishment focused on chef driven craft cocktails paired with creative snacks.


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